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About SAM. A.Ş.

Ceramic Research Center

Turkish ceramic industry is one of the leader productors in Europe and rest of the World. The research, technological development and innovation needs of Turkish ceramic industry have been increasing day by day in today's competitive media. Ceramic Research Centre has been founded in Anadolu University to meet these needs with the collaboration of ceramic industry and Anadolu University and Tubitak's support in 1998. In 2007, SAM has incorporated with partnership of most of its members. The university-industry collaboration continuity is ensured by partnership of Anadolu university, who has become 50% partner with free transfer of shares. SAM has been continuing its university-industry mutual research centre activities in Eskişehir Technology Development Region. For SAM's sectoral services in concern of university-industry collaboration; basic R & D facilities of Anadolu University Material Science and Engineering Department and its own facilities are used in subsuming of collaboration protocol.

SAM's collaborators are a few Turkish companies that possess more than 85% of foreign ceramic production. SAM's main scope and source of income mostly consists of provided R & D services of project based collaborators. SAM's opportunities are extended permanently according to developing technologies, needs and priorities of collaborators of whom it is in a close relationship with. Collaborator companies have the advantage of attending mutual projects and benefit from the results for free, having priority in urgent production problems and service discounts.

Management And Human Resource

SAM has an industry based management concept according to its pupose of foundation. 8 over 9 board members consist of manufacturers. Thus, parallel to technological developments and industrial needs, R & D activities are constructed in an initiative way for university-industry collaboration. Besides of its own professional researchers, SAM has the ability to charge young, motivated, and experienced academicians from Anadolu University and other universities when needed. The expert pool that consists of 40 researchers which of 15 have doctor's degree, is the biggest power of SAM.


Ceramic coating materials, whitewares, refractory materials, kitchenwares, ceramic raw materials and advanced ceramic materials constitutes the scope of business of SAM. Providing technological knowledge with R & D and technical-technological support services in these areas, developing innovative production methods, raising product quality and standards, increasing efficiency, decreasing production costs, accomodating new and advanced technologies are responsibilities of SAM. Parallel to R & D service content of project agreements; test/analysis, education, technical-technological support services are also provided to restock some deficiencies of the sector.