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Collaboration and Innovation

Projects realized in SAM organization are generally seperated into 3 groupsMutual Projects and Innovative Projects:

Innovative Projects
Dual Projects

These projects can be requested by collaborator or non-collaborator companies. Since these projects are involved with a privacy agreement, the results are only shared with the concerned company.

In dual projects performed together with the companies, according to the company's expectations, the concern of the project is set in a meeting with the joining of authorized company agent, R & D Coordinator, Assistant R & D Coordinator, and project performers. SAM staff or university staff can be charged to direct and perform the project. A contract is made between SAM and company after the concern of the project, project costs, and project workers are assigned.

After an agreement is signed between SAM responsibles and company which includes project concern, project consultants, studies that will be performed within the implementation period, project start date and estimated deadline, the project gets started.

Dual projects are out of scope of mutual and innovative projects' application systematics. The terms of use of these project only belongs to the company. All other terms of mutual and innovative projects are also valid in these projects.